If you’re anything like me, then you’ll understand when I say my day is full of new little discoveries – either through new friendships, insightful articles, or a simple book before bedtime. I love to learn, hence the title of this blog, Confilearn.com. As the name goes, this blog is dedicated to self-learning, self-improvement, and hopefully helps you gain confidence as you continue to grow.

Who am I? I‘m the creator and author of this blog. I like to read, enjoy TED Talks, travel, build things, and brainstorm art designs (check it out here).

Why should you come to this blog? Because it is awesome and will continue to be. I hope that you’ll cry happy tears and feel like you can conquer the world once you’re done reading a post (Yeah…not really). But I hope it serves as an inspiration for you to set your best foot forward and pursue your goals.

What will I be blogging about? Anything that I find interesting in the realm of self-taught, self-improvement, and leadership. Of course, that also includes anything that YOU want to know or learn about (if I have enough votes for a boat building tips article, I’ll write that too).

How often do I post? I’ll be posting every other week. Subscribe at the top of this page or on the pop up screen to receive my newsletters. I don’t like being spammed and I know you don’t like it either so I’ll send my newsletters only once a week.

How do you leave feedback and do I even care? Of course I do care! I love discussions and valuable feedback. Everyone has their own unique personal stories to share and I’d love to hear about them. Leave your feedback and comments in the comment area below every post or contact me privately here <<link>>. I’ll do my best to reply to you. Also, to keep your experience enjoyable on this blog, all comments are moderated to ensure no profanities, destructive comments, racial prejudice, or spams find their way into our thoughtful discussions.

Bottom line? If you’re feeling down and need to find strength to get back up, come here. If you want tips, books, audios, videos for self-improvement, self-taught projects, also come here. Occasionally, I’ll throw in some DIYs or case studies on ventures that I’m interested in.


I’m looking forward to an amazing journey with you. I’m learning as I go and I hope I will grow together with you. Enjoy!